The End! White dress slashed dizzy 2-1 submarine striking the 34th La Liga championship.

17 Jul

Spanish football match La Liga season 2019-20 match 37 on July 16, past the interesting pair between "Sergeant Herd" Real Madrid opened the Estadio Alfredo Stadium. Stefano welcomes the visit of "Yellow submarine" Villarreal team No. 5 of the table.

Real Madrid, this match only need three points or curse Barcelona to lose in the match of beating at the same time Will guarantee the 34th league championship this game. Send Eden Hazard to play with Karim Benzema and Rodrigo and Villarreal Gerard Moreno supporting the spear. Santi Gazorla is just a backup.

The results show that the game began at 15 minutes Real Madrid were able to win at the moment Casemiro threw the ball for Karim Benzema to shoot with the left. The ball pulled away from the post, with a hope of another 2 minutes later. Toni Kroos paid Luka Modric to set up a 25-yard fortress. The ball rushed to the frame but Sergio Azen Jose Super save helped the visiting team. In the 28th minute, Real Madrid got a 1-0 lead when cutting the center ball first, as Luka Modric dragged a cameo in front and flowed into the penalty area on the right, allowing Benzema to run into the press. The ball passed through the right leg. Sergio Asense Jose Villarreal tried to make an attacking game for a 39th minute equalizer. Samuel Chukwu เอsée had shot into the penalty area on the left but was stuck. Local blog Make it to the end of the first half, Real Madrid leading 1-0.

Second half 74 minutes Real Madrid got a penalty spot when Ramos ran the offensive game before cutting the ball to the center and dragged to Villarreal penalty area and then got a foul. The captain of the attacker prepares to shoot, but shows a trick to kick the ball to Benzema to run into the shot. But the referee saw that Benzema ran into the penalty area before Ramos hit the ball and therefore gave a new shot. This time, Benema changed into a decisive role. Real Madrid led 2

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